July 15, 2015

Spackling Holes

Nicks and holes in the wall are bound to crop up every year. Of all the household repairs one must endure, this is by fair the easiest to manage. All you need is spackling compound and a spackling knife, I recommend the plastic kind.

To begin, open the spackle and give a little stir. Take your knife and smear some of the compound on the wall and wipe clean and smooth with the knife, replacing unused compound back into the container.

Corners are a little tricky; just work smoothing one side, then the other – like frosting a cake. Let it dry, if needed sand (with sandpaper) and paint.

Larger holes, like say if the door is flung open and the knob ends up in the wall, require a kit readily available from the home improvement center. These great kits have everything but the spackle and knife and the directions are uncomplicated.