November 1, 2012

Listen To Your Baby

by Chrisoulla Nicolaou

Would you like your baby to be happy, cooperative and to sleep all night? Then you must treat him as an individual from the day he is born.

You've read the baby books, listened to advice from friends and relations, but this is your baby. He is a unique individual. All the information you need is stored in your subconscious. Trust your instincts, they will guide you. When your newborn baby cries he is calling for you. Don't ignore him. Go to him immediately. That way he knows you are always there for him. If you let him cry just to see if he'll stop by himself you will make him feel insecure. He may need feeding, changing or a cuddle. Feed on demand. You know this works, but what if he needs feeding every two hours? Do it. Be aware of his needs and give him what he wants. As he grows bigger so will his appetite, then he'll eat more at every feed and so will go for longer between feeds.

Don't leave him in his bed if he starts to grumble, he will associate his bed with loneliness and this could lead to bedtime problems later on. Hang colourful toys or mobiles above his bed to stimulate him. As he gets older you can attach activity toys to the bed and you can put some safe cuddly toys or rattles at the foot of his bed so that if he gets bored he can play for a while.

Whatever time of the day or night he calls you, always go to him with a smile and a pleasant greeting. If you are in a bad mood he will sense it and will be uneasy, so try to be cheerful.

If you have a Moses basket take him with you all around the house, if not put him in a suitable chair and talk to him while you get on with your daily tasks. He may not understand your words but he likes the sound of your voice.

Take him shopping with you; let him experience all the facets of your daily life from early on, then he can learn to fit in with all your activities.

Set aside a time each day when your baby can have your undivided attention. Look at him, talk to him, play with him. Let him pull your hair, poke your face or roll about on your lap. This is the time that you and your baby can get to know each other. You know he's precious so show him how much you love him. He'll appreciate it.

The vital thing to remember about your baby is that he is an individual. Learn to listen to him so that you can discover his likes and dislikes. Provide constant care and attention and in return your baby will reward you the only way he knows how. You will be the most important person in his life and he will show you this in his every waking moment.

Chrisoulla Nicolaou
Copyright 2001 all rights reserved.

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