October 18, 2012

What specific things your dreams can tell you about your health

Your dreams can actually warn you which illnesses are about to invade your body. Dream experts have revealed that certain dreams can indicate your state of health, and often precede certain illnesses.

Here are some examples of diseases which are very often preceded by specific recurring dreams:

Dreams indicating cancer involve something painful happening to the organ in which the cancer will occur, such as a snakebite or an festering sore. A woman with breast cancer may have a recurring dream about a door being slammed against her; she will be feeling the impact across her chest. A typical dream indicating lung cancer will involve someone attacking you with an axe and sinking it into your chest.

Dreams indicating heart disease will involve an injury to the heart area, like a rock dropping and hitting you near the heart. In the case of dreams indicating heart disease, you will sense a strong fear of death.

You will dream you are crawling through a narrow hole, gasping for air. You may dream you are drowning and gasping for air.

You may dream that you are walking with difficulty through deep cold water or snow; you will experience acute stabbing pains in your legs, indicating oncoming narrowing the arteries and circulatory problems.

Your fingers may swell to twice their normal size in the recurring dream. Perhaps you often dream that your legs wont move; this may indicate arthritis in the joints.

You may have a recurring dream that a ribbon or rope is tightening around your neck.

Your dreams will be of a monumental headache, then you may very well wake up with one.

You dream you are naked in a dirty tub or shower. Or you may dream that your nose blows up all red like a clowns. Remember that if you dream something just once, it is no indication of impending illness; only recurring dreams warn you of some upcoming sickness.