October 30, 2012

Treasure Hunt in a Jar

This is such fun for the kids! Hidden treasures amongst birdseed in a jar.

you'll need
a mason jar or clean jar with label removed
small bird seed
treasures: bead, button, dried kidney bean, barrette, paperclip, marble, nail, penny, rubber band, safety pin, screw, toothpick (and anything else you can think of)

Fill the jar about half full with birdseed. Add the remaining things. Fill with more birdseed. Put on the lid and give a little shake.
Write on a piece of paper: "Can you find: a bead, a button, a bean, a barrette, a paperclip, a marble, a nail, a penny, a rubber band, a safety pin, a screw, and a toothpick!"

Attach the note to the jar and let the kids (and adults) have some fun. Make sure they do not open the jar but hunt by turning and shaking the jar.