October 19, 2012

Theme Gardens

Tomatoes for the Pizza Garden
Herb Garden
Divide into two sections: culinary herbs and medicinal herbs. Look for herbs used throughout history such as lavender, rosemary, and chamomile during Medieval Times. You can accent this part of the garden with a unicorn statue.

Pizza Garden
Plant everything you need to make a pizza: wheat, tomatoes, garlic, green peppers, and onions. Shape either in a circle or a wedge to symbolize a whole or a slice of pizza.

Wizard of Oz
Make a path of yellow bricks leading to a patch of poppies with a scarecrow.

Miniature Garden
Plant the small or miniature versions of plants like miniature roses, cherry tomatoes, baby corn, and miniature pumpkins.

Native American: The Three Sisters
This is a gardening method used by the Native Americans. Make a slightly raised area (about 12 high and 16 in diameter). Plant 4 or so soaked corn seeds. As plants grow keep area weeded. Once the corn plants are about 6 inches tall plant 3-4 pole beans seeds in a circle around the corn. Then plant 1 or 2 winter squash seeds (like pumpkin) on either side of the pole bean seeds.

Rainbow Garden
Plant the colors of the rainbow in flowers. Plant flowers in a slight curve. Here is only one suggestion of flowers you can use: Blue cornflowers, Red zinnias, Purple petunias, Yellow marigolds, Green bells of Ireland, Pink nicotiana and Orange cosmos.

Moonlight Garden
Plant white flowers in abundance in a crescent shape. The full moon will make these flowers come alive at night reflecting off their white petals. For daytime contrast add deep purple or dark blue flowers.

Biblical Garden
This idea came from a message board I found a long time ago. Plants all have biblical names.
EX: Joseph Coat (rose), Monk's Hood (Aconitum), Pearly Everlasting (Anaphalis), Masterwort (Astrantia), Bishop's Hat (Epimedium grandiflorum), Christmas Rose, Lenten Rose, Jacob's Ladder, Solomon's Seal, False Solomon's Seal, Trillium, Immortelle, Crown of Thorns, Angel's Trumpet, Yuletide (Camellia), Carmel Creeper (Ceanothus);, Pink Breath of Heaven (Coleonema), Burning Bush, St. John's Wort, Heavenly Bamboo, Jerusalem Sage , Madonna Lily, Easter Lily, Angel's Tears (Narcissus), Star of Bethlehem, Cathedral Windows (Begonia), Prayer Plant, Christmas Fern, Hearld's Trumpet (Beaumontia), Rose of Sharon, Lambs Ear, Iris "Harpswell Halleluja", Iris "King of Kings", Rose "Star of Bethlehem", Climbing Rose "Ashwednesday", Daylily "Serene Madonna"and Jerusalem Artichoke, etc.

Other Ideas:
Butterfly Garden, Zen Garden, Hummingbird Garden, Victorian

Check out these books:
Gardening With Children by Beth Richardson
Theme Gardens: Revised Edition by Barbara Damrosch
Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots: Gardening Together With Children by Sharon Lovejoy