October 30, 2012

The First Aid Kit for Ice Cream

by Amy Rogers from South Georgia

you'll need
1 small plastic box with lid, handle and compartments
colorful plastic sample spoons

all of the following are optional
colored sugar
small candies
fruit roll-ups
chocolate and caramel sauces
toy syringes
chocolate, peanut butter and/or butterscotch chips
crushed nuts
candy sprinkles

The idea is that the action of putting toppings on ice cream is of course the action of rescuing it from deadly dullness. So, thoroughly wash your compartmented plastic box. Then proceed to decorate it in any way you see fit with permanent colored markers. Lastly, fill each compartment with goodies with which to top your ice cream.

Some first-aid type things to give your box the proper impression might be to make band-aid shaped cut outs from fruit roll-ups or fill toy syringes with chocolate or caramel sauces.

Stick the little plastic sample spoons in various compartments for use scooping out the yummies, then you're all set to simply pack it in a cooler on your way to a picnic. Have Fun!
Original idea from AMRogers Cookbook.