October 30, 2012

Mummie Luminaries

by Jan Toomey from Minnesota

clear jars, such as Mayonnaise jar or canning jars, etc.
masking tape, 2 inch size, optional
black felt or black construction paper
some sand or fresh, clean kitty litter
small candle

Start with a clean dry jar. Now cut out eyes using the construction paper and scissors. Glue mummie eyes and mouth to outside of jar. Tear masking tape down middle and start taping from the neck of jar. Wrap torn tape to resemble bandages. Keep wrapping over eyes and mouth and all the way to the end. Now add your kitty litter or sand to inside of jar enough to let a small candle sit in bottom of jar. Now light and use along walk way. The glow will make the face light up and eyes show through the tape. These are really cute. Can also use on the table with candy or give as quick and easy gift to neighbors and friends. Enjoy!