October 18, 2012

Birthstone, Stars Signs & Lucky Charms

Curious about your birthstone? Interested in the gem lore?  Here is a brief look at birthstones and flowers as well as zodiac stones, colors, elements, ruling planets and their stones.

First a bit about the types of stones.

Birthstones, the traditional stones date quite far back in history.  Some even believe the first list comes from the Bible (in the Book of Exodus 28:15-30).  The gemstones we use today are much different from the stones people would have been chosen so long ago.  Certainly, people have always longed to associate some special stone to their birth month.  The modern list of stones comes from the American National Association of Jewelers.  It was adopted in 1912 and sometimes overlaps with the traditional stones.  The modern stone is listed below.  Please note other countries have differing birthstones and that the zodiac stones differ from birthstones.

Mystical birthstone are Tibetan in origin, this list is over a thousand years old.

Ayurvedic birthstone is from Ayurvedic Indian Medicine, a type of medicine used for over a thousand years.

Star or Sun Stones refer to gems associated to the signs of the zodiac.

Monthly Stones and Flowers

Januarygarnetemeraldgarnetwhite carnation
Februaryamethystbloodstoneamethystblue violet
Marchaquamarine, bloodstonejadebloodstoneyellow jonquil or daffodil
Aprildiamondopaldiamondpink sweet pea
Mayemeraldsapphireagatewhite lily of the valley
Junepearl, alexandrite, moonstonemoonstonepearlred rose
Julyrubyrubyrubypink larkspur
Augustperidot, sardonyxdiamondsapphireyellow gladiolus
Septembersapphireagatemoonstonepurple aster
Octoberopal, pink tourmalinejasperopalorange calendula or marigold
Novemberyellow topaz/citrinepearltopazyellow chrysanthemum
Decemberturquoise, blue zircon/topaz
onyxrubywhite narcissus

Sun Signs


the sea goat

ambitious, calculating, prudent

stones: ruby, agate, garnet

element: cardinal earth

ruling planet: Saturn

planetary stone: lapis lazuli
Dec. 22- Jan. 19

color: dark green and brown

flower/herbs: amaranthus, belladonna, hemlock, pansy, wolfsbane

foods: meat, meat, starchy foods

lucky charm: ruby

body area: bones, knees, skin, teeth

the water bearer

distant, eccentric, humane, independent

stones: garnet, moss agate, opal, amethyst

element: fixed air

ruling planet: Uranus

planetary stone: turquoise
Jan. 20- Feb. 18

color: electric blue

flower/herbs: same as Tars and Capricorn, especially elder, goldenrod, orchids and sorrel

foods: same as Taurus, especially apples, citrus, dried fruits and frozen foods

lucky charms: garnet, hyacinth

body area: circulation, shins, ankles
Pisces:the fish

ambiguous, impressionable

stones: rock crystal, sapphire, amethyst, bloodstone

element: mutable water

ruling planet: Neptune

planetary stone: aquamarine
Feb. 19- March 20

color: pale green and turquoise

flower/herbs: dandelions, lichens, lime-flowers, water lilies, sage, saxifrages

foods: same as Cancer, including cucumbers and melons

lucky charm: amethyst

body area: feet


the ram

assertive, forthright, urgent

stones: bloodstone, diamond

element: cardinal fire

ruling planet: Mars

planetary stone: jasper
March 21- April 19

color: red

flower/herbs: bayberry, honeysuckle, geranium, mustard, peppermint

foods: beer, leeks, onion, strong tasting foods

lucky charms: bloodstone, jasper, diamond

body area: head
the bull

possessive, permanent

stones: sapphire, turquoise, amber, blood coral, emerald

element: fixed earth

ruling planet: Venus

planetary stone: emerald, aventurine
April 20- May 20

colors: pale blue and mauve

flower/herbs: alder, artichoke, cloves, daisy, foxglove, mint, sorrel

foods: cereals, apples, berries, grapes, pears, spices

lucky charms: sapphire, diamond

body area: neck and throat, thyroid

the twins

adaptable, communicative, restless

stones: agate, chrysoprase, pearl

element: mutable air

ruling planet: Mercury

planetary stone: tigers eye
May 21- June 21

color: yellow

flower/herbs: aniseed, azalea, caraway, fern, lavender, myrtle

foods: nuts, vegetables (expect cabbage)

lucky charms: agate, emerald

body area: arms, nerves, shoulders
or Moon Child: the Crab

melancholy, protective, sensitive

stones: pearl, emerald, moonstone, ruby

element: cardinal water

ruling planet: The Moon

planetary stone: moonstone
June 22-July 22

colors: silver and sea green

flower/herbs: acanthus, geranium, honeysuckle, lilies, white poppy, white rose

foods: fruits and vegetables with a high water content

lucky charms: emerald, agate, chalcedony

body area: alimentary canal, chest
Leo:the lion

creative, powerful, dictatorial

stones: tourmaline, sardonyx, onyx

element: fixed fire

ruling planet: The Sun

planetary stone: rock crystal
July 23- August 23

colors: gold and orange

flower/herbs: almond, juniper, laurel, marigold, rosemary, sunflower

foods: meat, vegetables with high iron content

lucky charms: peridot, onyx, amber

body area: heart, spine, back
the virgin

analytical, critical, fastidious, modest

stones: sapphire, jasper, carnelian, jade

element: mutable earth

ruling planet: Mercury

planetary stone: citrine
August 23-September 22

colors: navy blue and gray

flower/herbs: same as Gemini with emphasis on bright blue and yellow colored flowers

foods: same as Gemini; root vegetables

lucky charms: carnelian, sardonyx

body area: nervous system, stomach, intestines
Libra:the scales

balanced, resentful, sympathetic

stones: opal, lapis lazuli, peridot

element: cardinal air

ruling planet: Venus

planetary stone: sapphire
September 23-October 23

colors: blue and lavender

flower/herbs: same as Taurus, excluding red and pink flowers

foods: same a Taurus particular fruit and milk, excluding alcohol, starches and sugar

lucky charms: opal, chrsolite, sardonyx

body area: kidneys
Scorpio:the scorpion

intense, jealous, passionate

stones: aquamarine, topaz

element: fixed water

ruling planet: Pluto

planetary stone: garnet, ruby
October 24-November 21

colors: crimson, burgundy and maroon

flower/herbs: same as Aries, particularly dark red flowers, figwort, peppermint and thistle

foods: same as Aries, especially tomatoes, onions and spices like cayenne, paprika and chili

lucky charms: aquamarine, beryl

body area: sexual organs
the archer

casual, free, philosophical, searching

stones: sapphire, amethyst, turquoise, topaz

element: mutable fire

ruling planet: Jupiter

planetary stone: topaz
Movember 22-December 21

color: purple and dark blue

flower/herbs: bilberry, cinnamon, dandelion, mosses, sage, thistles

foods: asparagus, leeks, onions tomatoes

lucky charms: topaz, pearl

body area: hips, liver, thighs