October 24, 2012

AquaVita - Water of Life

AquaVita means "water of life". Water is a life giving ingredient and water consumption will lead to a long and healthy life. Water does so much for our bodies. We all know that it helps keep us cool but did you know that it is involved in all the chemical reactions in our bodies? That it lubricates and cushions our joints? Or that it is a solvent for many small molecules? Well it is!

When you think of your diet, you probably run through the mighty food pyramid - breads, veggies, etc., but in reality the base below all the breads and pasta is water.

So how much do you need a day?
Well, on a recent visit to my doctor, my doctor said "Take your weight and divide it by two and that's how many ounces of water you need a day". YIKES! Now mind you I'm not a big person but that's still a lot of water. Then I came across an article that told me not to despair that most of the fruits and vegetables we eat contain up to 95% water and even many meats and cheeses contain 50% water. Whew! It is vital to remember that if your are actually thirsty - you've waited too long. An easy way to check your fluid status is to look at the color of your urine, yes look! It should be a very pale yellow. If it's a dark yellow, it means that you're not drinking enough - so go fill 'er up.

Does it have to be water?
Every source I find says yes. Confound it! Now juices and milk do have a high percentage of water but if you are watching your weight they will add calories. A urologist once said that he didn't care if it was straight water of not - just drink. I like that point of view.

Try to avoid beverages with caffeine because the caffeine causes the body to lose water. The same is true for alcohol. When you are thirsty or exercising opt for water, as it's the easiest for the body to absorb.

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